About Me

Stories shape everything about our lives.  It’s how we know what is important and what is not.  Stories pass down family, religious and cultural values to our children more than any dogma or lists of rights and wrongs.

Stories are even how we define ourselves.  The story of my life, particularly how I tell the story, makes up who I am up to this point.  If I tell the story like a tragedy then I have made myself a victim and I will live that out.  I prefer to tell an inspirational tale full of mystery, love and humor.

I pay for the roof over my head and feed my family working in Internet software development and I love my job and the people I work with everyday.  I am immensely thankful for my career and the opportunities that I have had in the tech industry.

When I’m not making software or spending precious time with my family and friends I like to create stories.  I am not a great writer or even a good story teller, but that doesn’t stop me from writing.  I think that I am good at coming up with ideas for interesting stories, but putting it together is the real challenge.

Some of my favorite stories include the Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Enders Game, Blue Like Jazz, the life of Kind David in the Old Testament, The Space Trilogy, Unbroken, The Martian, 1984, Steve Jobs, and the story of Jesus in the New Testament.  As I already hinted above, a story doesn’t mean fiction.  Biography’s often make some of the greatest stories.